Listen to us!

Listen to us!
  1. Show 100 Dean B Rick L.
  2. Show 99 Taff, Dismount, Windog and Rent Boy
  3. Show 98 a round up with Gary Bloke
  4. Show 97 Bonanza 2016.
  5. Show 93 A Belgian Borderline Disaster
  6. Show 92
  7. Show 91: An interview with the one and only Dave Kimberley
  8. Show 90 Phil The Pirate
  9. Show 89 Gary Bloke on this season
  10. Show 87 Lizzie Quinlan Joe Gaunt
  11. Show 86 Eddie Roberts
  12. Show 85 Lady SideCar, Lee Crawford and Lumley Engineering
  13. Show 84 Mich Judkins, Jo Williams and Phil Morris.
  14. Show 83 Lee Paterson
  15. Show 82 interview Molly and Dan Sale
  16. Show 81 End of season round up
  17. Show 80 Jayne Morris for BHR Chair
  18. Show 79 Jayne Morris, Roy Hanks and Gary Thompson
  19. Lady s Discharge
  20. Show 78 Lady SideCar Gary Bloke
  21. Show 77. A Team Founds Special with Chris and Alan.
  22. Show 76 Rick Long , Rob Fisher and Dave Francis
  23. Show 75 Ian Johnson and team try to save a life, maybe yours! Michelle Luhr and Winnie
  24. Show 74 Kevin Cock, a guy making history
  25. Show 73 Tony brown, Sam Christie, Trevor Nation
  26. Show 72 Marion and Gary Bloke report from TT 2015
  27. Show 71 Marion chats with Kenny Cole, Dave Williams and Ian Tennant.
  28. Show 70 BEARs round 2 with Lady SideCar Graham Davenport,
  29. Show 69 British F2 from Oulton
  30. Show 68 Tony Hewitt Part 2
  31. Show 67 Marion Carnall at the British F1
  32. Show 66 The 2nd BEARs Experience Day
  33. Show 65 Terrie Salone
  34. Show 64 Tony Hewitt MBE pt 1
  35. Show 63 Phil Morris, Paul Bateman & Colin Peters
  36. Show 62 Tony Banister, Greg Lambert, Happy Dog & Gary Bloke
  37. Show 61 Steve Webster MBE part 2
  38. Show 60 Greg Lambert, Lady SideCar & Gary Bloke
  39. Show 59 Mike Crawford Part 2
  40. Show 58 Gary Partridge Part 2 + Triumph SideCar TT
  41. Show 57 Steve Webster MBE Part 1
  42. Show 56 Team Past It HQ
  43. Show 55 Mike Crawford Part 1
  44. Show 54 Auto66 Sidecar Bonanza Annette Daykin
  45. Show 53 A Great Time with the Happiest Dog, Gary Partridge
  46. Show 52 An Historic Weekend at Cadwell
  47. Show 51 We are the Champions
  48. Show 50 A Spanking Weekend with the F1 Boys & Girls
  49. Show 49 Croft
  50. Show 48 British Champ Paul 'Batty' Bateman
  51. Show 47 Good Folk from BEMSEE at Cadwell Park
  52. Show 46 Alf Wisker Ben Kingham and a little bit of Mike Aylot
  53. Show 45 TT Winner Mike Aylot 'Tells it like it is'!
  54. Show44 A Weekend at Darley Moor in the Presence of Heroes
  55. Show 43 Interviewing S&DMCC Boys & TT Winner Conrad Harrison
  56. Show 42 TT Epic
  57. Show 41 TT A Chat with some Unusual Fans!
  58. Show 40 Mallory Park 'Riding with the Chainsaw'
  59. Show 39 Geoff & Karen Gambourne
  60. Show 38 Smudge
  61. Show 37 Steve Webster
  62. Show 36 A Spring Day at Darley
  63. Show 35 Victory at 'The Mother of Wales'.
  64. Show 34 BEARs day
  65. Show 33 Terry Windle Part 2
  66. Show 31 Nigel Smith Dicky Gale
  67. Show 30 Isle of Man
  68. Show 29 Mick Boddice
  69. Show 28 Team Founds
  70. Show 27 Rick Long
  71. Show 26 Stan Dibben Part 1
  72. Show 25 Big Tim Langham
  73. Show 23 Simon Smith
  74. Show 22 Steve English
  75. Show 17 Terry Windle Part 1
  76. Show 16 TT Rules Andy Winkle, John Holden, Roy Hanks and Paul Phillips
  77. Show 15 Dean Banks, Ken Edwards, Eddie Nelson, Dave saunders, Chris lake
  78. Show 14 Clare D, Helen D, Bob B and Chip M
  79. Show 13 Scrubbers Leathers, Winnie
  80. Show 04 MRE Mike Richards
  81. Show 03 Stuart Hicken, Eddie Roberts
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Show 90 and a trip to see the CRMC Pirate crew!!


I’m a country boy and I sometimes feel a little bit shocked when people lock themselves in their houses so you can imagine my surprise when I got to the Pirates front door and found it swinging! I knocked, knocked louder and called out and eventually Phil and Michelle came to the door with a big smile and drinks in their hands and we were off to a great start!

Ian ‘Sidecar Bloke’ Johnson joined us for a great dinner and the conversation and wine flowed easily.

There will be a return visit to get some life stories soon and maybe a CRMC race meeting too!


My thanks to all the Pirates who helped make this show!




Show 89 Gary Bloke and a 2016 preseason round up.

All the way up to North Yorkshire for a friendly chat with TT passenger, cleaner and window licker Gary Bloke.


Show 86 I chat with Eddie Roberts about the coming season at Mallory Park and to British F2 champion Tom Peters about his coming year out.


Mallory Park was looking quite fragile just two years ago when I first interviewed Eddie Roberts and Stuart Hicken but those boys have risen to the enormous challenge, taken the place by the scruff of it’s neck and put it back as a top British track!

Tom Peters tells me of his racing carrier and massive success in the TT and British F2 championship, the highs and lows and his reasons for taking the 2016 season out of racing.


Please Share



Show 84 Featuring Mitch Judkins, Jo Williams and Phil Morris of PMR.

Jo Williams discusses the life and times of her friend, renowned lady passenger Mich Judkins. From a very young age Mich was in the thick of it with the multi bike 'Judkins' team. Life can put a person through the wringer and it's a testament to Mich that she is still part of the racing foreground supporting and being a big part of the current success that surrounds Team Founds.

Phil Morris

I find myself again in the Oswestry Motorcycle Road Racing Museum talking to team boss Phil Morris. 2016 is a very exciting year for the team and Phil tells me of their plans for an attack on the superbike TT!


Show 83 Lee Paterson, Jo and Matt Williams in an extra long Christmas special.

At Print Roller Services I find my friend Lee Patterson not sat behind a desk as some might expect but in his very busy roller-manufacturing workshop, working faster than the young men around him. This guy makes his own luck, starts early and finishes late to get it done! We talk of his racing career and of course about his association with the 'flying post man' Conrad.

Show 82 Dan Sayle and Moly talk to Marion and Jo Williams while I revisit land speed heartache with Kevin Cock.

TT heroes Dave Molyneux and Dan Sayle are caught by the girls at this year's superbike round at Silverstone where they talk in a light hearted but candid way about their race against the 'big' bikes, the coming 2016 season, their plans for the TT and of course past TT glory.

Dave and I have talked about a memoir show and I hope to get over the water to see him this winter.

Kevin Cock and I talk again about Team Page's land speed record attempts, both solo and sidecar and the possibility of the Sidecar Radio team joining them at Pendine Sands next year.

My thanks go out to Marion and Jo for their excellent work on this show and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Jo Williams into the SCR team.

Show 81, An end of season round up with Team ARC and an introduction to Harry Payne from Marion.

Harry, a young guy for our sport at just 23 is full of enthusiasm and anticipation for the coming season. Speaking to Marion from the last EMRA round at Mallory Park, way back when the sun still shone, a bit.
I take myself back up the road to Bishop Auckland to meet with Lee and Mike Crawford to discuss what, on the surface was not a great season. I came away, dazed at what they had been through and with even more respect for this team.

As ever, my thanks to all that helped me make this show,


Show 79: Head Shave, Lady SideCar, Jayne Morris 
and the ACU Benevolent fund from Roy Hanks and Gary Thompson.

The head shave was massive and traumatic for me, we raised a lot of money (£1600ish) and I am very grateful to these folk:

Marica Jones (My darling, long suffering wife), Paul Bateman Cestrian Signs, Lisa (Paul’s sister for finding the buckets), Ian Tennant, Steve Kowalski

Sam Clover, Kevin Cock, Bryan Kennedy (Karaoke), Gary Partridge (T-shirts), Jenny Triker Wells, Cadwell bar/café staff

John Lockett, Neil Kirby, Sid Diggins, John Mushet, Leon Risdon (head shave), Iain Ramsdale (head shave), 

Lee Crawford ARC (Master head shave),

And Super Star Jayne Morris £703 on her own!!

To every one that gave at Cadwell and at

We have an update on Lady SideCar and a short chat with Jayne Morris from her home in Derby.

Up the road in Rugby I meet with head honchos Roy Hanks and ACU General Secretary Gary Thompson MBE BEM. We talk in a very light hearted way about the ben fund, its uses and how it may be improved also the TT, new rules and some thoughts from the past.

My thanks as ever to all who helped me make this show but also to everyone who helped me get this new look!




Show 78:LadySideCar, Gary Bloke and a few words from a great man (not me). 

The woman is a force of nature, on her feet just eight days after shattering the bottom of her femur and her right wrist. Lady sidecar says she will be back!!

Gary Bloke talks to me about the ACU benevolent fund and volunteers me to get my head shaved!!

I have decided to make a very small personal sacrifice and have my greying hair parted from my head. This will happen at nine o’clock in the bar at Cadwell Park at the SideCar Bonanza 24.10.2015. We are raising money for three charities Prof Melcher’s Melanoma research (Terry Windle), Prostate Cancer (Ian Johnson) and the ACU Benevolent Fund.

Please come along and laugh at me, chuck some money in the bucket and maybe buy me a drink!!

Terry Windle was a fantastic bloke and although I didn’t know him well, I liked him a great deal. I have included an exert from one of the shows I made with him last year.

My thanks to everyone, everywhere who helped to make this show.




Show 77. A Team Founds Special with Chris and Alan.


Our roving race fan and reporter Marion finds herself in the company of world class driver and passenger Chris Founds to talk about his younger brothers current successes and his own glittering SideCar racing carrier.

I go not far up the road to sunny Neston to talk to the youngest Founds, Alan, about his and Tom's amazing third in the world F2 in Germany and their current charge at the FSRA British Championships.

My thanks to all involved in this show


Show 76 Marion Carnall, Rick Long, Rob Fisher, Dave Francis, Scot Parnell and Gary Bloke.

It's a funny thing but even no in this modern digital age things can get left in the back of the filing cabinet. Well this show deals with three great interviews from Marion and Gary Bloke that I managed to over look at the time of recording.

As I write this I'm straining at the leash, in just a few minutes I'll be off to the British F2 at Cadwell to meet some great folk and maybe interview a few familiar voices.

Thanks to everyone involved in making this show


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